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Hotels in Zaporizhia

City on the Dnieper River. The homeland of Ukrainian Cossacks, whose extraordinary spirit of heroism is still felt in the atmosphere of the city.
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Alliance City Intourist Zaporizhzhya

Ресурс 83 Bus station, km 1,5
Ресурс 53 Railway station, km 6,2
Ресурс 19 Rooms 106
Ресурс 20 Transformed conference hall
For leisure
Ресурс 21 Restaurant
For business
Ресурс 20 Conference Room
Ресурс 88 Address 135 Sobornyi Ave, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
Ресурс 73 E-mail
Ресурс 75 Phone 0800330710
Ресурс 87 Longitude 35.13712660595199
Ресурс 86 Latitude 47.83940578150724
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Optima Zaporizhia

Ресурс 74 Airport, km 16
Ресурс 68 Free Wi-Fi
Ресурс 102 Laundry
Ресурс 126 Luggage storage
Ресурс 101 Parking
Place of stay of guests during an alarm
Ресурс 31 Power station
Ресурс 53 Railway station, km 9
Ресурс 19 Rooms 69
Ресурс 106 Room service
Ресурс 34 Transfer
For leisure
Ресурс 124 Banquet hall
Ресурс 63 Bar
Ресурс 21 Restaurant
For business
Ресурс 20 Conference Room 1
Ресурс 127 The meeting room
Ресурс 88 Address 19 Mayakovs'koho avenue, Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhia region Ukraine, 69035
Ресурс 73 E-mail
Ресурс 75 Phone +38 061 228 44 90
Ресурс 75 Phone +38 067 170 54 87
Ресурс 87 Longitude 35.1147323
Ресурс 86 Latitude 47.8323068
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«Stumari» Georgian Сuisine Cafе, Zaporizhzhya

Ресурс 88
87, Soborny Ave, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
Ресурс 47 Menu: author's, georgian
Ресурс 97 Bank card
Ресурс 123 Number of seats: 85
Ресурс 69 Wi-Fi
Ресурс 77 Working hours: 11:00 - 22:00
Ресурс 75 Phone: +38 093 821 86 44
Ресурс 73 E-mail:


Один з найбільших міст півдня України. Запоріжжя стоїть на двох берегах Дніпра, а по центру острів Хортиця. Знаменитий острів-поселення козаків, знаменитих героїчними вчинками в боях за Україну.


National reserve "Khortytsya"

National reserve "Khortytsya"

Perhaps the most famous island associated with the Cossacks. Plus, it is also the largest island on the Dnieper River.

Запорізька обл.
Museum of retro cars "Phaeton"

Museum of retro cars "Phaeton"

The museum has 6 exhibition halls, where you can see vintage cars and a variety of spare parts and components.

Vyborzka str. 8
Boguslaev Museum of Technology

Boguslaev Museum of Technology

The Boguslaev Museum of Technology is a must-see for all lovers of technology and mechanical engineering. Starting from the collection of the engine plant and the origins of the city's mechanical engineering, and ending with modern collections that will delight all fans of technology.

Korenkina str. 27A
Zaporozhye City Kindergarten Botanical Garden

Zaporozhye City Kindergarten Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is called a nursery for a reason. It is the perfect place to show your children the wonders of flora. Incredibly beautiful specimens of flowers and plants.

Charivna str. 11
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