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Management Company

Optima Hotels & Resorts is a national hotel chain based and registered in Ukraine.

Optima Hotels & Resorts

  • Management company of the hotel chain operating under the umbrella brand 'Optima Hotels & Resorts' (three- and four-star hotels)
  • Brand guidelines and corporate standards
  • Standards of service and operation
  • Central sales and marketing department
  • Construction division, architecture and design service
  • Centralized procurement system
  • Integrated system of employee training, development and support

Principal Activities of the Management Company:

  1. Construction

    Provision of technical support during construction (reconstruction) both through consultation and integrated management of the overall process

  2. Equipping

    Provision of full support at the equipping stage
    Opportunity to enter into contracts with general suppliers offering most favorable terms and conditions

  3. Operational Management

    • Integration of new technologies and practices into the operation of each hotel in accordance with Optima standards for the following areas: front office services, housekeeping, hotel room management, restaurant and bar management services, hotel security, engineering services, procurement and supply, etc.
    • Continuous monitoring of compliance with standards through auditing by the management company
      Installation of the Servio Hotel Management System along with high quality software, e.g. the PMS (Property Management System) with a view to automating all business processes within the chain, including booking, hotel accommodation provision, settlement of accounts, personnel management, statistics management, etc.
  4. Sales and Booking

    • Database of corporate clients interested in the opening of new hotels under Optima's brands.
    • Constant search for new clients by attracting more corporate travelers and large groups of visitors, as well as by focusing on business training workshops, seminars, corporate and city-wide events, conferences and local community activities.
    • Automatic incorporation into global distribution systems (GDSs) providing access to national/international travel agencies and outreach to tourists around the world Online booking service for hotels within the chain available on Optima brands' websites.
    • Consolidated and proactive price management (generous special offers, competitive prices for hotel services).
      Maximum possible profit from sales (yield management). Loyalty program for regular guests (Optima Club).
  5. PR and Advertising

    • Recognizable brand in Ukraine and innovative approach to the successful marketing of three- and four-star chain hotels in the Ukrainian market
    • High traffic websites:
    • Nationwide advertising campaign to promote the whole chain
  6. Bars and Restaurants (F&B)

    • Minimal procurement costs when procuring goods and services for the entire chain
    • Uniform standards of restaurant service
    • Staff training and continuous professional development
    • Single unified record keeping system and regular inventory checks carried out by both hotel management and Control and Inspection Department
  7. Front Office and Housekeeping

    • Integrated standardization of guest services and integrated automation system
    • Minimization of costs for purchasing consumables and equipment
    • Regular training of service personnel, apprenticeships with the best hotels within the chain
    • Supervision of receptionists by both hotel security staff and Control and Inspection Department
  8. Human Resource Management (HRM)

    • Recruitment and training of service personnel and managerial staff
    • Apprenticeships with other chain operated hotels and training courses on enforcing brand standards, improving the quality of all services provided by hotels, increasing the effectiveness of hotel room management and housekeeping, etc.
    • Unique staff motivation program
  9. IT Service
  10. Finance and Accounting
  11. Security (security of facilities and security of information)
  12. Control and Inspection Department
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