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Optima Kherson

The hotel will temporarily be closed until the situation in the city stabilizes. Keep yourselves!

Room price includes: accommodation of your choice, buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi, and taxes (except for tourist tax). From February 25, 2019, the local council established that if the price of a room is up to 600,00 uah per night a tourist tax rate is 0,25% for residents (domestic tourism) or non-resident (inbound tourism) and if the price of a room is more than 600,00 uah per night a tourist tax is 0,5% for resident (domestic tourism) or non-resident (inbound tourism) of the minimum wage, established by law for January 1 of the reporting year for one person for each day of temporary accommodation of a person at the hotel.

Children up to 5 years are allowed to stay with their parents for free, with no extra beds provided. The cost of an extra bed for use by children over the age of 5 and adults is 350 UAH, including breakfast.