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Optima Collection Aquadar

Leisure and entertainment of hotel Optima Collection Aquadar

Optima Collection Aquadar is not only a health resort but also the perfect place for recreation.

Kid's room with the tutor in Hotel Optima Collection Aquadar!

Especially for tourists traveling with children, the staff at Optima Collection Aquadar provides kid's room services! Your child will enjoy*:

  • Professional animators;
  • Exciting workshops;
  • Educational Board games;
  • Children's library;
  • Creative painting and sculpting;
  • Рlasma TV for watching favorite cartoons.

Working hours of kid`s room:
Every day from 8:30 to 21:30

Working hours of tutor:
Wednesday - Sunday: 10:30 - 19:30

Open from 12:30 to 13:30.
Monday and Tuesday - days off.

Recreation opportunities:

  • indoor swimming pool;
  • fitness room;
  • sauna complex: Finnish, Pontic, infrared;
  • Japanese Ophuro barrel;
  • library;
  • billiards;
  • table tennis;
  • sports grounds (football, volleyball) **;
  • summer pools **;
  • Beach volleyball**;
  • Bicycle rental for adults and children **.

For children:

  • a children's room with a tutor;
  • playgrounds;
  • children's animation *;
  • baby car **;

* - During high occupancy of the hotel;
** - in the warm season.

Price list for sports equipment rental and additional services:



1 hour


Adult bike

100,00 UAH


Baby bike, baby car

20,00 UAH


Football ball, volleyball

20,00 UAH


Badminton set

30,00 UAH


Playstation game console

40,00 UAH



100,00 UAH


Damage for bicycle and inventory damage:


The amount of the fine


Steering handle

100,00 UAH



30,00 UAH



100,00 UAH



450,00 UAH



200,00 UAH


Rear gear shifting gear

900,00 UAH


Front gear shifting gear

700,00 UAH


Bike's lock

150,00 UAH


Brake mechanism

300,00 UAH



2 500,00 UAH


Football ball, volleyball

100,00 UAH


Badminton racket

100,00 UAH


Table Tennis (spoiling the table)

1 000,00 UAH

Details not included in the price are reimbursed according to the supplier's price.

Lots of attractive places in Mankivka locations draw the attention of children and adults.

Sofievka, Uman
Optima Collection Aquadar is located close to the touristic gem of Ukraine – Sophievka Dendro Park (Uman). You can walk here along the picturesque alleys every corner of which impersonates the heroes of the legends of Ancient Greek and Rome, view the mystery caverns and waterfalls, and the underground river Sticks.

GPS codes: 48°45'46.76''N, 30°13'18.52''E
Address: 12-a, Kyivska Street, Uman (old entrance –55, Sadova Street)
+38 (04744) 3-63-19, 3-22-10

How to reach:
by car – T2406 and E95/M05/M8 – 32km
by commuter train – № 855О – to Uman direction
by taxi bus to Mankivka village

Buky canyon
Buky Canyon, which originated more than 2 billion years ago, is situated close to the Buky village of Mankivka district. Before entering the Buky’s canyon, the river Gorniy Tykitch cascades down from the 2-meter high, creating the waterfall Vyr. Further along the river, one can come across a picturesque place where the sharp rocks hang out over the water creating the unnatural for Central Ukraine landscape.

codes GPS codes: 49°5'47.02''N, 30°23'48''E

How to reach:
by car – T2406 – 21 km.
by bus (Mankivka bus station) – daily, according to the timetable

Zhashkiv Stud Farm
Zhashkiv Stud, founded in 1999, is one of the newest and most successful studs in modern Ukraine. The European elite breeds of horses are the choice of the farm. Numerous international and regional competitions take place here annually. Volunteers and horse-riding fans can take private lessons under the guidance of an experienced professional trainer at the stud farm school. You can also order a horse-riding tour over the farm.

Address: 6, Artem Str., Zhashkiv, Cherkasy region, Ukraine
Tel: +38 (04747) 61 847, 38 (044) 3777260

How to reach:
By car – E50/M12 - 33 km

"Optima Collection Aquadar" operates with enhanced security measures!

Please note: when booking online and by phone, a room is not assigned and a building is not selected.

The room rate includes accommodation, meals according to the chosen rate (breakfast or breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet), a visit to the sauna, swimming pool, barrel of Ofuro, Wi-Fi, and parking. From March 6, 2020, the local council established a tourist tax rate of 0.5% for residents (domestic tourism) and 2,5% for non-residents (inbound tourism) of the minimum wage established by law for January 1 of the reporting year for one person for each day of temporary accommodation of a person at the hotel.

Children under 5 years old inclusive are accommodated free of charge in the same room with their parents without an extra bed. The cost of placing children older than 5 years and adults in an extra bed in the room is 750 UAH, with breakfast and UAH 950, full board.