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Optima Collection Aquadar

Massage studio of hotel Optima Collection Aquadar

Massage is one of the affordable and effective ways to improve the beauty of the body.

Massage techniques and care programs at Aquadar, aimed primarily at improving the body and improving the general condition of the body, help to remove toxins, get rid of excess fluid, tone and nourish the skin. The skin gets the boost it needs to regenerate and regenerate.

The results of the massage: relieve fatigue and relaxation, improve mood and general health of the body, rejuvenate and increase skin tone, get rid of extra pounds and centimeters at the waist. You will observe all this not only immediately after the sessions, but also for several months after the massage course.

How to understand which massage you need:

Classic massage is a physiotherapeutic procedure that absolutely every healthy person needs for prevention. With this procedure, you can eliminate pain syndrome, edema, quickly restore injured tissues, muscles, strengthen joints and ligaments.

Lymphatic drainage is a physiotherapeutic procedure, a special technique of manual or hardware impact on the body, which allows to influence the movement of lymph in the body. In addition to the cosmetic effect, it has a healing effect on the body: elimination of toxins, improvement of blood circulation, strengthening of immunity.

Indian massage Panchakarma is an ancient Ayurvedic method of cleansing the body and mind. The massage is carried out with hot oil, and all manipulations have one goal – to remove slag masses from the body.

Honey massage intensively cleanses the skin, as the massage technique includes an active peeling element. This massage increases blood flow and breathing through the skin, and since honey has an oily structure, it nourishes the skin best.

Shiatsu is an acupressure massage that activates the internal forces of the body. It is believed that the correct irritation of certain areas accelerates the lymph, normalizes blood pressure, eliminates headaches, improves vision, increases attention, and normalizes hormones.

Anti-cellulite massage will help to establish blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body, normalize the condition of the skin, and restore elasticity. This is not a relaxing procedure. During the session, painful sensations may occur, and after it – a palpable dyspnea.

Bronchodrainage massage is a type of therapeutic and recreational massage, which is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the respiratory tract and restoring their work in case of bronchitis and other diseases. Recommended for children and adults who are prone to diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Pressotherapy is an apparatus lymphatic drainage massage. During this procedure, massage is done with compressed air, the effect is mainly on the body fluids: lymph and blood.

Thai reflex foot massage – performed with different intensity of impact, movements are carried out with fingers, palms, fist and a special stick. During the session, not only the surface of the feet is worked out, but also the lower leg, up to the knee. As a result, chronic pain disappears, vitality and mood increase.

Stone massage is a massage with heated basalt stones. In the east, it is believed that it is volcanic basalt that contains the energy of five elements: fire, water, air, metal and earth. This massage promotes relaxation, relieves muscle spasms and pain, improves tone and relieves swelling.

Also, you can choose from various types of scrubbing and body wrapping, which in an integrated approach will help you more effectively achieve the desired results:


Services list Duration, min. Cost, UAH
Classic massage 30/60 490/850
Honey massage 30 500
Pressotherapy – hardware lymphatic drainage massage 30 300
Anti-cellulite massage 30/60 500/900
Massage for children (up to 14 years) 30 450
Aroma massage 60 750
Ayurvedic massage with herbal sachets 30/60 500/750

Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Services list Duration, min. Cost, UAH
Shiatsu massage 30/60 490/850
Face & Head Shiatsu Massages 30 490

Ayurvedic Massage & Panchakarma

Services list Duration, min. Cost, UAH
Indian massage 30/60 550/950
Indian head massage 30 490

Other services

Services list Duration, min. Cost, UAH
Relax massage 30/60 500/900
Balisky 60 990
Hawaiian 60 990
Broncho Drainer 30 490
Lymphatic Drainage Massage 30/60 490/850
Thai Foot Massage (Reflexology) 30 490
Face and Neck massage 60 800
Osteopathy session 30 490
Stone Massage 30/60 500/900
Chiromassage 30/60 500/900

Cosmetology – body care.


Services list Duration, min. Cost, UAH
Honey and Sea Salt Scrub 30 500
Honey and Coffee Scrub 30 600
Coffee Scrub 30 500
Sea Salt Scrub 30 500


Services list Duration, min. Cost, UAH
Honey wrap 60 800
Chocolate wrap 60 1000
Mineral clay wrap 60 750
Seaweed Wrap 60 900
Mineral mud wrapping 60 750
Anti-Cellulite Thermo Wrap 60 950
Cellulite Wrap 60 900


Name of services Duration, min. Cost, UAH
Aroma massage 30/60  500/750
Ayurvedic massage with herbal bags 30/60 500/750

Massage rituals

Name of services Duration, min. Cost, UAH
Massage ritual “Missis Green” – relaxing body massage with aloe oil and green tea; facial massage, facial mask with spirulina Ella Bache (France) 90 1350

* Actual prices may differ from those indicated in the price list depending on seasonality, please check by phone.

– 15% on massage for those who value quality
Guests staying in the complex from Monday to Thursday receive a -15% discount:

  • for 4 hours of massages;
  • within 4 days according to personal schedule;
  • subject to prepayment for all 4 massages.

*all massages of the same type for one guest, prepayment is not refundable
*you can sign up for procedures by appointment at the SPA reception

Discount calculation – classic massage 60 min:

1 massage – UAH 850.
4 massages – 850 UAH * 4 = 3400 UAH. – 15% = UAH 2,890.
Economy – 510 UAH.

Opening hours of the SPA center:

SPA center 08.30 – 21.00;
Swimming pool, saunas 09.00 – 20.30

Booking by phone or e-mail:

+38 096 849 00 95


The Health Center has been licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (license date award: 19th April 2012; license serial number: AG 598558)

"Optima Collection Aquadar" operates with enhanced security measures!

Please note: when booking online and by phone, a room is not assigned and a building is not selected.

The room rate includes accommodation, meals according to the chosen rate (breakfast or breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet), a visit to the sauna, swimming pool, barrel of Ofuro, Wi-Fi, and parking. From March 6, 2020, the local council established a tourist tax rate of 0.5% for residents (domestic tourism) and 2,5% for non-residents (inbound tourism) of the minimum wage established by law for January 1 of the reporting year for one person for each day of temporary accommodation of a person at the hotel.

Children under 5 years old inclusive are accommodated free of charge in the same room with their parents without an extra bed. The cost of placing children older than 5 years and adults in an extra bed in the room is 750 UAH, with breakfast and UAH 950, full board.