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VitaPark Sunny Provence

Cosmetology of hotel VitaPark Sunny Provence

Stress, unbalanced nutrition, bad habits, ecology, poor water quality, and poor care lead to skin problems and early aging. Often, we do not pay attention to these negative factors and forget that they have the most adverse effect on our appearance. The body of the modern man, especially the skin, simply cannot cope with such loads on its own, so regular professional cosmetological assistance is needed. 

Service Time Cost
Cosmetology for women on ATACHE cosmetics
Complex dermatological facial cleansing 90 min. 1450 UAH 
Complex massage of face, neck, neckline 60 min. 1300 UAH
Complex massage of the face, neck, neckline
with serum
60 min. 1450 UAH
Complex massage of the face, neck, neckline
with serum and physiotherapy
70 min. 1550 UAH
Chemical peeling recovery program 60 min. 1300 UAH
SOFT DERM program: deep moisturizing, expert lifting 60 min. 1500 UAH
Anti-Aging Detox Program "C-VITAL Beauty Flash" 80 min. 1750 UAH
Darsonwal 15 min. 130 UAH
Cosmetology for men
Complex dermatological facial cleansing 90 min. 1650 UAH
Sensitive skin care 60 min. 1650 UAH
Express facials, complex facial and neck massage 60 min. 1650 UAH
C-VITAL Respectable View 90 min. 1950 UAH


"VitaPark Sunny Provence" operates with enhanced security measures! 

Room rates include accommodation, food (depending on the chosen tariff), swimming pool, gym, doctor's consultation, Wi-Fi, parking, and taxes (except for tourist fees). From February 13, 2019, the local council established a tourist tax rate of 0,5% for residents (domestic tourism) and 3% for non-residents (inbound tourism) of the minimum wage, established by law for January 1 of the reporting year for one person for each day of temporary accommodation of a person at the hotel.

Children under 5 years old inclusive are accommodated free of charge in the same room with their parents without an extra bed. Upon request, a child under 5 years old can be accommodated on an extra bed for 300 UAH*. The cost of accommodation for children over 5 years old and adults on an extra bed is 300 UAH without breakfast, 500 UAH with breakfast, and 700 UAH half board.

*This rate is valid in situations where guests do not want to share a bed with their parents and a cot is not suitable, ie:
- if a child under 5 years old sleeps with his/her parents, the accommodation is free of charge,
- a cot for a child is free of charge
- if a cot is not suitable and an extra bed is needed - the cost is 300 UAH