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Optima Corporate Guest

Go on business trips to various cities of Ukraine with the Optima Corporate Guest card and get exclusive offers from the national chain Optima Your advantages with the card Optima Corporate Guest:

discount for accommodation;
instant and convenient online booking.

Important! Services are provided when the card is presented to the receptionist.
The card can be issued in the case of 5 check-in (accommodation) in a network of hotels.

If you have already got an Optima Corporate Guest loyalty card, please, activate it to use all the benefits of the program.


Your request to activate the card will be reviewed within 1-2 business days.

Hotels-participants of the program


Business hotels:

Travel hotels:


Loyalty cards are not issued at the Optima Collection Aquadar.​​​​​​​

Rules of Optima​​​​​​ Corporate Guest loyalty program

  • Terms and conditions of the Optima​​​​​​ Corporate Guest card apply only to the owner.
  • The guest can take advantage of the card only for the room in which he lives.
  • The card is valid only in the case of payment by cash on arrival.
  • The card is valid only in case of payment for the stay with personal funds (cash, credit card).
  • Preferences of RCG cards cannot be provided in case of booking using ADS and GDS systems (Expedia,, etc.), as well as travel agents and operators. In order to get preferences for an RCG card, the guest can use any Optima reservation resource.
  • When paying for accommodation through the booking module on the website the guest uses his personal loyalty code, preferences for which can only be provided if he has a card, by swiping through the POS terminal.
  • A 5% or 10% discount on accommodation is provided when booking a room at the rack price (published cost of living) without applying other special rates, discounts, offers
  • The benefits of the card may be used after pre-registration and by filling out the application form. In order to use your card, show it to the receptionist.
  • The benefits of the Optima​​​​​​ Corporate Guest card obtained at the reception desk at the hotel-participant of the program can be used only during the next check-in in the hotel.
  • While using the advantages of the Optima​​​​​​ Corporate Guest card, the participant is not entitled to other benefits of other cards or other offers.
  • Participation in the loyalty program Optima​​​​​​ Corporate Guest is voluntary. The participant may terminate their participation by sending to Contact Center a written notice to the email address at any time.
  • Filling out the application form, the Participant accepts the conditions of participation in the loyalty program Optima​​​​​​ Corporate Guest.
  • In case of loss or theft of the card, the member has to inform the Contact center by sending an e-mail:
  • In case of changing contact information of the Participant, provided by first registration, you should inform by sending an e-mail:
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